Pass It On

We are shaping the future of our food system through training, education and community engagement.

What does the future hold?

That is a question we should all constantly ask ourselves. We believe that by investing in our community today, we can make NWA  a better place for all residents. 

Training the Next Generation

It is pivotal to the health or food system to invest in the next generation of farmers. With the average age of the American farmer ever increasing, it is more important than ever to train up the next generation to feed our communities.

Engaging our Community

We believe that in order to see real change, we must impact the people living in our communities. In a world that seems to only ever move faster, we hope to give individuals in NWA an opportunity to learn about the promise of sustainable agriculture, the reality of food insecurity in our region and how the can have an impact on both.

Apprenticeship Program

Our desire is to give aspiring farmers the opportunity to experience sustainable agricultural practices, learn how to run a profitable business and get integrated into our community in hopes that they will generate impact for decades to come. 

Volunteering & Workshop Opportunities

We want to give people an opportunity to get their hands dirty on the farm. We have open volunteering windows several times throughout the week. Visit our Volunteer page to learn more. 

We also want to educate community members on how they can contribute to their local food system through periodic educational workshops.

Let’s Keep In Touch!

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