Feed Our Community

We are blessed with the privilege of feeding our community. Not only are we working to combat food insecurity, but we are contributing to the growth of our local economy.

What is a Local Food System?

A local food system refers to a location-specific cluster of agricultural producers of all kinds along with consumers and institutions engaged in producing, processing, distributing, and consuming food.

Food Insecurity in NWA

Study after study ranks Arkansas consistently in the top five states for food insecurity in the United States. Feeding America, the nation’s largest organization of emergency food providers, reports that one in six Americans faces hunger. In 2018, a Feeding America study found that 163,800 children in Arkansas — or about 23.2 percent of the state’s children — were food insecure.

Local Agriculture in NWA

Northwest Arkansas is well known for its many small farms. From tomatoes and lettuce to beef and chicken, you can find small farms producing all kinds of foods across our region. We believe the continued presence of these farms are integral to the health and well-being of our community. 

Combating Food Insecurity

We believe that all community members deserve access to fresh, local, nutritionally dense food. To that end, we donate a substantial portion of everything we grow and raise toward hunger relief.

Growing the local food economy

We are dedicated to growing our local food system. We never want to compete directly with local family farms. Rather, our desire is to stimulate growth by increasing supply of local foods in our region.

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