Cultivate the Land

We are dedicated to growing produce and raising livestock in a way that sustains and regenerates our environment

What is Sustainabel Agriculture?

Sustainable agriculture is an agricultural philosophy that places an emphasis on soil health, animal welfare, and the impact agriculture has on an ecosystem.

Market Garden

A market garden is a relatively small scale production of vegetables, fruits and sometimes flowers sold directly to consumers. This approach emphasizes the use of hand tools, promotion of soil health and absence of synthetic chemical inputs.

Pastured Livestock

A pastured livestock operation is one in which animals spend all or the majority of their lives on pasture or in wooded areas. This approach emphasizes animal welfare, carbon sequestration and forage based animal feeds.

Our Garden

We grow a variety of fruits and vegetables in our two acre garden. In the spirit of “Market Gardening”, our garden is free from synthetic chemicals, we utilize minimal soil inversion and focus on building organic matter and plant diversity.

Our Animals

We are blessed to have 20 acres of a mixture of pasture and wooded areas. We raise laying hens, meat chickens (or broilers), sheep and pigs. Our animals spend the vast majority of their lives on pasture or in the woods and receive a large portion of their diet from grazing or rooting around in the soil.

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