2021 Harvst Brunch

Celebrating our year’s harvest and planning for many to come!

We have distributed of 18,000 lbs of food this year and will have distributed nearly 22,000 by the end of the year. Over half of this production has been donated to hunger relief in NW Arkanasas.

Partner with us as we seek to build capacity on the farm to help us achieve our goal of distributing 75,000 lbs into the community per year by 2025.

Garden Tools – $1,500

The tools make the farmer! There are several tools we are looking to buy for the 2022 season that would increase our efficiency and allow us to grow more food for the community.

Caterpillar Tunnels – $4,000

No, we aren’t looking to farm caterpillars. Although, that does sound fun. These structures are the perfect combination of growing in our high-tunnels and growing out in our field blocks.

Green House Upgrades – $4,500

Our season extension houses are vital to our farm. Just like any infrastructure, they need some TLC every few years. We need to re-skin the houses and make some other improvements.

Livestock Corral – $5,000

Our pigs, sheep and goats spend the majority of their lives roaming the pastures and woods on the farm. Every now and then, we need a space to provide a little extra care for our animals.

Walk-in Cooler – $12,000

Without somewhere cool to store our veggies, they would soon wilt on hot days. We won’t be able to achieve our increased production goals without more space to store the “fruit” of our labor!

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